Balloon fiesta ;)

Me and my sis decided to do so called birthday room for our mums birthday and it was so cute I had to take some pictures :) So, I put on this cute dress and that's what happened... 

Cuddle time!

Sweater from Stradivarius (here

I decided to take some bed pictures, then my dog has decided she wants to be a part of it... How could I say no to that puppy face?! ;) so, the sweater is from Stradivarius, I bought it in Italy, Trieste. It's sooooo comfy and warm, plus you can wear it in so many ways! They also have it in grey, black and wine red.

Mornings like this ;)

Well, good morning :) I wish you a good and happy day :)


Hi :) so, I decided to show you (one of) my favourite cosmetics. First is NUXE - Huile Prodigieuse, from French natural cosmetics. I use it for my hair, face and body! Also, they have the cutest limited edition packages! Next are L'OCCITANE products, I'm seriously obsessed with lip gloss, it makes my lips look so yummy ;)

L'occitane beauty products: Lip gloss, Body cream, Soap and Solid parfume.  

My - CRAZY - self

This is absolutley my favourite outfit so far! Plus these shoes and haircut, I think I don't even have to mention the make-up! The whole look is perfect for autumn, with crazy warm sweater and comfy shoes :) 



Made those cup-wormers by myself, thank you very much ;) to make my coffee extra hot and my hands super warm :) 

Simple & sexy

In love with this craaaazy shoes!!! Also found that dress in my closet, it was sitting there for a very long time - don't know why though, I guess I forgot how gorgeous and simple it is :)


Satin kimono from H&M.